Workin’ On My Fitness: Day 1

30-Day Fitness CalendarI know this post might seem a little strange right on the heels of my praline recipe . . . but I’ve decided to just get a little healthier around here! I’ve been pinning recipes on Pinterest for quite some time to my “Lighter Dinner Ideas” board but have been more focused on my “Sweets for My Sweet” board and that has just got to change. So, starting today I’m going to start being a little more active and eating a little bit better. I’m not going to try and kid myself and go all health-nut and never eat a cream-based sauce again . . . I’m just not going to make one 5 out of the 7 days of the week.

I came across these really neat “30-Day Challenge” calendars and decided to personalize one for my goals (I need my abs back). Thankfully, I have a partner in all of this and Taylor is going to start on the fitness calendar with me too. I know I couldn’t do it alone – and as an added bonus, Ella makes a pretty good running partner (I didn’t even have to carry her on the return trip today). So after getting some fun new running shoes, we started our first day with a quick mile run/walk and then came back and did day one of the fitness calendar with some Kanye West as a soundtrack . . . it gets you pumped!

For dinner tonight, we used naan to make Roasted Garlic, Chicken and White Herb pizzas and I made some Jell-O with fresh strawberries for dessert.I’m feeling good – just gotta keep up the motivation!flatbread pizza

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