Hair Dye Gone Wrong + #FundayMonday


Well, I did something bad last night – I dyed my hair – out of a box – and the wrong color dye was in the box. I looked like The Little Mermaid or Poison Ivy! Apparently, Clairol thought I wanted to REALLY be the Wendy’s mascot instead of a beautiful brunette!

Unless you’re a girl, you don’t know the devastation that comes when something bad happens to your hair. I was in a panic and contemplating whether or not I could even go to work today but calmed myself and proceeded with styling it as best I could to try and make due.

Poor Rayna over at 5th Avenue Salon┬áhas had to fix so many of my hair issues because I just never learn that I can’t do it myself. This time, she was 2 hours away from me (and could only be there in spirit) so she suggested I try “Color Oops” color remover to take the red out. I frantically bought some on the way home from work and set about on fixing this mess. I applied the entire bottle to my head (you’ll need two bottles if you have thicker/longer hair – I almost didn’t have enough) and after twenty minutes of smelling like a rotten egg (no exaggeration here), it was time to wash it out. Here’s the catch to this “easy fix” – you have to rinse your hair out for 20 whole minutes. Since I’m impatient, I found a show to watch for 20 minutes on Netflix and set up my iPad on the side of the bath tub where I hung my head over. You could see as soon as I started to rinse that things were getting back to normal!

After blow drying, my hair was MUCH lighter than I intended but there was NO RED! I was shocked that this stuff actually works, as many “over the counter” hair fixes don’t really do much of anything. I highly recommend if you’ve made an “Oops” of your own!

Although this wasn’t the most fun of Mondays, I’m linking up with Molly and Carly for #FundayMonday!