Hair Dye Gone Wrong + #FundayMonday


Well, I did something bad last night – I dyed my hair – out of a box – and the wrong color dye was in the box. I looked like The Little Mermaid or Poison Ivy! Apparently, Clairol thought I wanted to REALLY be the Wendy’s mascot instead of a beautiful brunette!

Unless you’re a girl, you don’t know the devastation that comes when something bad happens to your hair. I was in a panic and contemplating whether or not I could even go to work today but calmed myself and proceeded with styling it as best I could to try and make due.

Poor Rayna over at 5th Avenue Salon has had to fix so many of my hair issues because I just never learn that I can’t do it myself. This time, she was 2 hours away from me (and could only be there in spirit) so she suggested I try “Color Oops” color remover to take the red out. I frantically bought some on the way home from work and set about on fixing this mess. I applied the entire bottle to my head (you’ll need two bottles if you have thicker/longer hair – I almost didn’t have enough) and after twenty minutes of smelling like a rotten egg (no exaggeration here), it was time to wash it out. Here’s the catch to this “easy fix” – you have to rinse your hair out for 20 whole minutes. Since I’m impatient, I found a show to watch for 20 minutes on Netflix and set up my iPad on the side of the bath tub where I hung my head over. You could see as soon as I started to rinse that things were getting back to normal!

After blow drying, my hair was MUCH lighter than I intended but there was NO RED! I was shocked that this stuff actually works, as many “over the counter” hair fixes don’t really do much of anything. I highly recommend if you’ve made an “Oops” of your own!

Although this wasn’t the most fun of Mondays, I’m linking up with Molly and Carly for #FundayMonday!



High Five for Friday!

 High Five for Friday - Week 1

This week has been a little busy but turned out to be really great and filled with fresh starts!

1.  I’m finally getting back into the groove of things after a family beach vacation last week – getting used to waking up at 6:45am again was not fun!
2. Taylor and I decided we were going to get a little healthier so to motivate myself, I bought all sorts of fun new workout clothes and these super fun tennis shoes – I saw the hot pink and lime green on them and couldn’t resist.
3. One of my very best friends was in town this week and stayed with us along with her fabulous husband and mom. It was like old times! We’re already planning a girl’s weekend for next month . . .
4. Instead of eating gelato/brownies with icing on them/pralines . . . I went healthier with desserts this week and did some Jell-O with fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream on top. Mmm!
5. What week would be complete without an Ella picture? This was after she went on a run with us . . . I might have had to carry her on the way back but I was proud of her for keeping up as long as she did!

Lauren Elizabeth H54F

Workin’ On My Fitness: Day 1

30-Day Fitness CalendarI know this post might seem a little strange right on the heels of my praline recipe . . . but I’ve decided to just get a little healthier around here! I’ve been pinning recipes on Pinterest for quite some time to my “Lighter Dinner Ideas” board but have been more focused on my “Sweets for My Sweet” board and that has just got to change. So, starting today I’m going to start being a little more active and eating a little bit better. I’m not going to try and kid myself and go all health-nut and never eat a cream-based sauce again . . . I’m just not going to make one 5 out of the 7 days of the week.

I came across these really neat “30-Day Challenge” calendars and decided to personalize one for my goals (I need my abs back). Thankfully, I have a partner in all of this and Taylor is going to start on the fitness calendar with me too. I know I couldn’t do it alone – and as an added bonus, Ella makes a pretty good running partner (I didn’t even have to carry her on the return trip today). So after getting some fun new running shoes, we started our first day with a quick mile run/walk and then came back and did day one of the fitness calendar with some Kanye West as a soundtrack . . . it gets you pumped!

For dinner tonight, we used naan to make Roasted Garlic, Chicken and White Herb pizzas and I made some Jell-O with fresh strawberries for dessert.I’m feeling good – just gotta keep up the motivation!flatbread pizza

To print your own fitness challenge calendar click here: 30-Day Fitness Calendar – Ab Challenge

For my pizza recipe inspiration, click here: Roasted Garlic, Chicken and White Herb Pizza

Vacation Inspired Pralines


Last week, I headed to South Carolina with my family for a little vacation. I brought back some pralines from River Street Sweets and after they were gone . . . I immediately regretted not buying more! As usual, I decided to see if I could “re-create” some for myself. I’m not a huge fan of nuts so I poked around for maybe something a little different and landed on Pretzel Praline Bites from the “My Kitchen Addiction” blog! Instead of just mixing up a usual praline, you make your praline mixture and spoon it onto a butter pretzel round and then drizzle it with chocolate . . . Oh.My.Goodness.

The super delicous and super easy-to-follow praline recipe I used is located here: Pretzel Praline Bites

Chicken and Waffles with Maple Gravy

This week, we tried to recreate something that is becoming more and more popular – Chicken and Waffles with a Homemade Maple Gravy . . . “Healthy” might not be a good describing word for this meal but . . . it was delicious and super easy and well, sorry, I’m not sorry!
chicken and waffles

I’ll admit – we definitely cheated on the chicken preparation. It had been a long day and standing over a pot of oil and frying up chicken just wasn’t going to happen . . . so I let Chick-Fil-A do the heavy lifting and picked up some chicken strips on the way home. From here, all I had to do was make the waffle mix and heat up the waffle maker (which I may have specifically just bought with this meal in mind). I’ll give Taylor credit for finding the recipe and for making the gravy –  I’ll also admit that I had a few spoonfuls of this on its own (maple syrup soup?).

This recipe also got rave reviews from my favorite little taste-tester . . .
Ella and waffles

You can find the waffle recipe I used here.

You can find the maple gravy recipe here.

. . . and if you’re like me, you already know where all of the Chick-Fil-A’s are within a 25 mile radius.

The Perfect Meatballs

Monday is simply my “guilty pleasure” night. Usually, I’m so tired from coming back from the weekend that I end up on the couch watching “The Bachelorette” and eating some sort of comfort food. This week’s vice was a delicious meatball sub! I found a meatball recipe awhile ago but kept tweaking it until I got the flavor I wanted. I highly recommend trying these! You can add your own twists of course and spoon them over spaghetti, make a meatball sub or stick a toothpick in them for tiny appetizers! I added some provolone cheese and some fresh shaved Parmesan to the top.


Take a peek at the recipe here . . .

Tiny Cheeseburgers, Wine, Cupcakes and Fireworks

. . . is there a better combination?

We started our 4th of July weekend with grilling my version of cheeseburger sliders – I found the cutest fast-food style baskets at Wegman’s and got inspired. My level of excitement about the baskets just goes to show that it doesn’t take much to make me happy! Really though, how cute are these?

Burger Basket
I decided to plan a little weekend getaway for Taylor and I to The Landsdowne Resort that included a wine tour all day on Saturday and a 4th of July-esque celebration later that night with BBQ, fun drinks (I had one called an Apple Pie that I have got to try and recreate – it tasted just like a slice!), a live band, and front row seats on the golf course for fireworks . . . we even had two cupcakes waiting for us in our room when we got back!

Winery Edit

It’s always so hard to get back into the routine of things after such a nice break . . .  Hope everyone has a fantastic week!