Tiny Cheeseburgers, Wine, Cupcakes and Fireworks

. . . is there a better combination?

We started our 4th of July weekend with grilling my version of cheeseburger sliders – I found the cutest fast-food style baskets at Wegman’s and got inspired. My level of excitement about the baskets just goes to show that it doesn’t take much to make me happy! Really though, how cute are these?

Burger Basket
I decided to plan a little weekend getaway for Taylor and I to The Landsdowne Resort that included a wine tour all day on Saturday and a 4th of July-esque celebration later that night with BBQ, fun drinks (I had one called an Apple Pie that I have got to try and recreate – it tasted just like a slice!), a live band, and front row seats on the golf course for fireworks . . . we even had two cupcakes waiting for us in our room when we got back!

Winery Edit

It’s always so hard to get back into the routine of things after such a nice break . . .  Hope everyone has a fantastic week!


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